Desenhar o Movimento. Peter Boerboom, Tim Proetel
Breve História da Fotografia. Um Guia de Bolso para os Principais Gêneros, Obras, Temas e Técnicas
Essências. Juhani Pallasmaa
Anatomia Artística 2. Como Desenhar o Corpo Humano de Forma Esquematica
Meu Caderno de Bordado. O Guia Imprescindível de Bordado Tradicional
Harry Seidler. The Exhibition
Environmental Modernism. The Architecture of Strang
Fluvial Metropolis. Past Visions/ Future Imaginaries
Sanghai Ten Folio
Call to Order. Sustaining Simplicity in Architecture
Rockhouse. Strang Architecture
House Equanimity. Joseph N. Biondo
Cutler Anderson Architects. The Houses
Vision & Strategy. Strategic Thinking for Creative and Social Entrepreneurs
Made in Norway. New Norwegian Architecture



Manual of Multi-Storey Timber Construction
Arquitectura Viva #206. LAN. 2007-2018
El Croquis. Aires Mateus. 2002-2018
Japanese Creativity. Contemplations on Japanese Architecture
Designing Territorial Metabolism. Barcelona, Brussels and Venice
AIRE. The River and its Double
Artec Architekten. Bettina Götz + Richard Manahl
Arquitectura Expuesta. Exposiciones, Interludios y Ensayos
Neighbourhood. Where Alvaro Meets Aldo
Psychoanalyst Meets Marina Abramović
Marcel Breuer. Building Global Institutions
Critica de Choque. Fredy Massad
El Croquis #194. Brandlhuber+. 1996_2018
AV Proyectos #86. Dossier MVRDV
Arquitectura Viva #204. Cultura en el Golfo. Nouvel en Abu Dabi, Koolhaas en Qatar
TC Cuadernos #134-135. Francisco Mangado. Arquitectura 2007-2018
Cutting Matta-Clark. The Anarchitecture Investigation
Made of Concrete. Behind the Facade: The Details
Building Physics of the Envelope. Principles of Construction
New Towns. An Investigation on Urbanism
The Gardens of la Gara
Vladimír Dedeček. The Work of a Post War Slovak Architect
Ride a Bike! Reclaim the City
David Chipperfield Architects. Architecture and Construction Details
Arquitectura Viva #205. Jørn Utzon. 1918-2008
Arquitectura Viva #203-204. España 2018. Spain Yearbook
The 500 Hidden Secrets of Rotterdam
The 500 Hidden Secrets of Brussels
Bilbao. Photographs since 1988
The Beauty of Lines. The Gilman and Gonzalez-Falla Collection
Cinéma mon Amour. Film in Art
Lessons of Informality. Architecture and Urban Planning for Emerging Territories- Concepts from Etiopia
Spaces of Uncertainty. Berlin Revisited
The Chameleon Effect. Architecture's Role in Film
Herzog & de Meuron. Elbphilharmonie Hamburg
BAL 2017. Bienal de Arquitectura Latinoamericana
Guía de Arquitectura de Porto. 1942-2017
Guía de Arquitectura. Eduardo Souto de Moura
GTA Papers 1. Architecture/Machine
Sampling Kyoto Gardens
Play the City. Games Informing the Urban Development
Home Re-Assembled. On Art, Destruction & Belonging
A E I O U. Articles, Essays, Interviews and Out-takes by Tony Fretton
Dlubak. Un Héritier des Avant-Gardes
Raulino Silva. Collection 1+1
TC Cuadernos #133. Correia / Ragazzi. Arquitectura 2005-2018
Arquitectura Viva #203. Silicon Valley. Tech Labs: Apple, Facebook, Google
AV Proyectos #85. Dossier Lacaton & Vassal
Isay Weinfeld. An Architect from Brazil
Dardo Magazine. Nº 32
Porous City. From Metaphor to Urban Agenda
Building Biology. Criteria and Architectural Design
Atelier OÏ. How Life Unfolds
Roots. Harry Gruyaert
The Habit of Being. Kate Barry
Face to Face. Zhong Weixing
Photographisme. William Klein, Gérard Ifert, Wojciech Zamecznik
Aberration Optique. Steven Pippin
From One Louvre to Another: Opening a Museum for Everyone
Mumkin-est-ce Possible? Bieke Depoorter
Automata. Nicholas Foulkes
Industries. Josef Koudelka
Flore des Friches Urbaines. Audrey Muratet, Myr Muratet, Marie Pellaton
Limits. Housing & City
Arquitectura Viva #202. Vivienda Rehabilitada. Hacia una Europa Sostenible
El Croquis #193. Manuel Cervantes. 2011_2018
Timber Structures in Vorarlberg. Architecture, Craft, Environment
Facade Construction Manual
Mostly Books. Anne Hoffmann
Mexican Graphic Art
Neri & Hu. Design and Research Office
Noarq. José Carlos Nunes de Oliveira
Portuguese Contemporary Wine Architecture
Houses. An Architectural Journey
Local Global. 20 Years of Saraiva + Associados
Projects Are Opportunities to Investigate Ideas
Portugal Surf Guide. 2nd Edition
Basics Detail Drawing. Fundamentals of Presentation
Re: Futures. Studio Hani Rashid
Motion Mobility. The Austrian Mobility Club Headquarters
Armando Ronca. Architettura del Moderno in Alto Adige. 1935-1970
New Housing in Zurich. Typologies for a Changing Society
Positions on Emancipation. Architecture between Aesthetics and Politics

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