Letras Bonitas. Descubra a Arte de Desenhar Palavras
Breve História da Arte Moderna
AV Proyectos #92. Dossier Ecosistema Urbano
Arquitectura Viva #213. COBE. Contextual, Comunitario, Contemporaneo
Arquitectura Viva #214. Jean Nouvel. Doha, la Haya, Roma
AV #213-214. España 2019
AV #215. Baumschlager Eberle
El Croquis #199. Smiljan Radic
The City as Architecture
Rethinking Wood. Future Dimensions of Timber Assembly
The Good Metropolis. From Urban Formlessness to Metropolitan Architecture
Beat Streuli. Fabric of Reality
Kenya Hara. 100 Whites
Kazuo Shinohara. 3 Houses
Guía de Arquitectura. Álvaro Siza. 3ª Edición. Revisada y Ampliada
Guía de Arquitectura. Carrillo da Graça
René Tosari. Diversity is Power
Éric Van Hove. Fenduq
Future Rural Archive
Star Route 1
Lonely Planet. Escoural-o-Novo. Susan Kooi
Footprint #23. The Architecture of Logistics
Cubic Journal #1. Design Social
Portugal Lessons. Environmental Objects. Teaching and Research in Architecture
The Giedion World. Sigfried Giedion and Carola Giedion-Welcker in Dialogue
American Readers at Home
Beatriz Colomina. X-Ray Architecture
Deep Skin. Learning Architecture + Technology Vol.1
Young Talent Achitecture Award 2018. Fundación Mies van der Rohe
Martine Franck
Des Oiseaux. Bernard Plossu
Coordonnées 72/18. Alain Willaume
Tarkovsky. Films, Stills, Polaroids & Writings
Le Corbusier. The Buildings
Francis Kéré. Radically Simple
Up & Down. Wenjia Tang
Citix60 City Guides. Lisbon
Citix60 City Guides. Barcelona
Citixfamily City Guides. Barcelona
Kuniyoshi. Visionary of the Floating World
Built Unbuilt. By Julien de Smedt and Julien Lanoo
2G # 74. Harquitectes
2G # 77. Arrhov Frick
Alvar Aalto. Second Nature
The Bauhaus. Itsalldesign
Walter Gropius. International Architecture. Bauhausbücher 1
Paul Klee. Pedagogical Sketchbook. Bauhausbücher 2
Piet Mondrian. New Design – Neoplasticism, Nieuwe Beelding. Bauhausbücher 5
László Moholy-Nagy. Painting, Photography, Film. Bauhausbücher 8
Future Cities Laboratory. Indicia 02
Renny Ramakers. Rethinking Design
My Bauhaus. 100 Architects on the 100th Anniversary of a Myth
Challenging the City Scale. Journeys in People-Centred Design
Teaching Architecture. A Dialogue
Sublime Visions. Architecture in the Alps
Gert Wingårdh. Eight Projects from Lijevalchs to Nationalmuseum
Koloman Moser. Universal Artist between Gustav Klimt and Josef Hoffmann
El Croquis #198. Johnston Marklee 2005-2019
Arquitectura Viva #212. Álvaro Siza. De Oporto a Oriente
AV Proyectos #91. Dossier Office
En Blanco #25. Grupo Aranea
Ilustração Botânica. Técnicas para Desenhar Flores e Plantas
Aquarela Criativa. Um Passo a Passo para Iniciantes
Dry Stone Walls. Basics, Construction, Significance
Teaching / Practice. Jonathan Sergison
Baku. Oil and Urbanism
Irénée Scalbert. A Real Living Contact with the Things Themselves
Dust Free Friends. 6a Architects
Your Guide to Downtown. Denise Scott Brown
Kashef Chowdhury. A Glass Labyrinth in Venice
Tiergarten, Landscape of Transgression (This Obscure Object of Desire)
Arquitectura Viva #211. Barclay & Crousse. Hormigones Remotos
AV #211-212. BIG. 2013-2019
Robert Mapplethorpe
Bauhaus Journal 1926–1931. Facsimile Edition
Architectural Guide. New York
Cleopatra. Y la Fascinación de Egipto
Auschwitz. No Hace Mucho. No Muy Lejos
Royal Gardens of Spain
Kandinsky. Una Retrospectiva
The Basilica of the Sagrada Familia
A Chronicle of Architecture. Años Alejandrinos. Tiempo de Incertidumbre. 2000-2006
El Croquis #197. Bruther 2012-2018
AV Proyectos #90. Dossier José María Sánchez
Arquitectura Viva #210. China Material. Siete Experiencias Locales
AV #209-210. David Chipperfield Architects. 2009-2019
TC Cuadernos #138-139. Eduardo Souto de Moura. Tomo II. Equipamientos y Proyectos Urbanos 2004-2019
Louis Kahn and Venezia
Carlo Scarpa's Drawings for the Ottolenghi House
Gio Ponti. Archi-Designer
Station Rose 30.0. The Walls of the New Systems Will Be Liquid
The Process of Making. Five Parameters to Shape Buildings
Sigfried Giedion. Liberated Dwelling
Marrocos 1967. A. Alves Costa e Álvaro Siza
Bolivia 2016. Guilherme Wisnik
Lições de Arquitectura 01. Paulo Tormenta Pinto
A Casa da Doutora Farnsworth

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