Yehuda Emmanuel Safran. I Have a Weakness for a Touch of Red. Essays on Art, Architecture, and Portugal
AV #217. Undurraga Devés. 2000-2019
En Blanco #26. Barclay & Crousse
TC Cuadernos #142. Ramón Esteve. Arquitectura 1996-2019
Paulo Bruscky. Etceterarte
Picasso en sus Carteles
El Croquis #200. Studio Mumbai
Mujeres Negras en la Ciencia. Zinthia Palomino & Nina Sefcik
Light. Aires Mateus
Nuevos Intereses, Otros Discursos. Rafael Moneo
Building in Timber. Room Modules
Sustainable Urban Planning. Vibrant Neighbourhoods- Smart Cities- Resilience
J. R. Davidson. A European Contribution to California Modernism
Photoscapes. The Nexus Between Photography and Landscape Design
Can Design Change Society? Project Bauhaus. Arch+
Because. Sophie Calle
L'Essence du Visible. Wright Morris
Des Oiseaux. Yoshinori Mizutani
Des Oiseaux. Terri Weifenbach
Shunk-Kender. Art Through the Eye of the Camera. (1957-1983)
Painted Ladies. Valérie Belin, Eric Reinhardt
La Comète. Le Voyage de Rosetta
Sally Mann. Mille et un Passages
Une Double Absence. Akihito Yoshida
Ludovic Carème. Brésils Amazonie
Ludovic Carème. Brésils São Paulo
Dominique Teufen. My Travels Through the World on my Copy Machine
Nuno Andrade. Ginjal
Peter Salter. Walmer Yard
Sauerbruch Hutton. Architecture and Construction Details
Sports Facilities. Leisure and Movement in Urban Space
Housing in Japan. Typologies for Small Spaces
Designing Processes. A Strategy for the Future of Construction
Frederick Kiesler: Face to Face with the Avant-Garde. Essays on Network and Impact
Modern Construction Envelopes. Systems for Architectural Design and Prototyping
Modern Construction Case Studies. Emerging Innovation in Building Techniques
AV #216. Vo Trong Nghia. Natural Modern
Arquitectura Viva #216. E2A. Exactitud Helvética
AV Proyectos #93. Dossier Sergisan Bates
Non-Referential Architecture. Ideated by Valerio Olgiati
Shifting Patterns. Christopher Alexander and the Eishin Campus
R. Buckminster Fuller. And it Came to Pass – Not to Stay
R. Buckminster Fuller. Utopia or Oblivion. The Prospects for Humanity
Big-Game: Everyday Objects. Industrial Design Works
Stop Motion. Poster Collection 31
Team Ten Farwest. Guimarães 2017, Barcelona 2018
Estónia 2016-2018. Inês Moreira
Analogue Oldnew Architecture. Miroslav Šik
Materials in Progress. Innovations for Designers and Architects
Biomimetics for Architecture. Learning from Nature
Walter Gropius. Buildings and Projects
Ávaro Siza. Expor. On Display
Raw-Material. A View of Alvaro Siza's Archive
Openings. Conversations with the Álvaro Siza Archive
Anish Kapoor. Works, Thoughts, Experiments
Juan Muñoz. Uma Retrospectiva
Joan Miró. Materiality and Metamorphosis
European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture. Mies van der Rohe Award 2019
Mies Missing Materiality. Anna & Eugeni Bach
Mies van der Rohe. Barcelona Pavilion
Maïmouna Guerresi. Aisha in Wonderland
Carlo Mollino. Photographs 1934-1973
Eva Marisaldi. Exceptional Transport
Mimmo Rotella. Manifesto
Frank Horvat
Paolo Pellegrin
Brazil. Knife in the Flesh
Horst P. Horst
Evgeny Antufiev. When Art Became Part of the Landscape. Chapter I
Ico Parisi. Design. Catalogue Raisonné. 1936-1960
Mario Bellini. Italian Beauty. Architecture, Design and More
Christo and Jeanne-Claude. Water Projects
Fixer et Franchir la Frontière. Alpes Maritimes 1760-1947
Gino Sarfatti. Selected Works 1938-1973
Malick Sidibé. La Vie en Rose
Arquitectura Viva #215. MVRDV. Ocio y Negocio
TC Cuadernos #141. Estudio Herreros. Práctica Crítica 2009-2019
An Organic Architecture. The Architecture of Democracy. Frank Lloyd Wright
Eileen Gray. The Private Painter
The Sculpture of Francis Derwent Wood
Green Infrastructure Planning. Concise Guides to Planning
Neighbourhood Planning in Practice. Concise Guides to Planning
Planning, Sustainability and Nature. Concise Guides to Planning
The Letters of Colin Rowe. Five Decades of Correspondence
The Evolution of a Building Complex. Louis I. Kahn's Salk Institute for Biological Studies
The Modern House
The Good Gardener. Nature, Humanity and the Garden
Alan Colquhoun. Collected Essays in Architectural Criticism
Modernity and Reinvention. The Architecture of James Gowan
Infinite Span. 90 Years of Brazilian Architecture
China's New Architecture. Returning to the Context
Urban Landscapes in High-Density Cities. Parks, Streetscapes, Ecosystems
Hermann Czech. Essays on Architecture and City Planning
Almost Nothing. 100 Artists Comment on the Work of Mies van der Rohe
The Inhabited Pathway. The Built Work of Alberto Ponis in Sardinia. 2ª Edición
Barozzi Veiga. 2004-2014. Reimpresión
O ABC da Bauhaus. A Bauhaus e a Teoria do Design
Crocheteria. Projetos Contemporâneos para Mentes Criativas
Ser Ilustrador. 100 Maneiras de Desenhar um Pássaro ou como Desenvolver sua Profissão

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