Built Unbuilt. By Julien de Smedt and Julien Lanoo
2G # 74. Harquitectes
2G # 77. Arrhov Frick
Alvar Aalto. Second Nature
Walter Gropius. International Architecture. Bauhausbücher 1
Future Cities Laboratory. Indicia 02
My Bauhaus. 100 Architects on the 100th Anniversary of a Myth
Challenging the City Scale. Journeys in People-Centred Design
Teaching Architecture. A Dialogue
Sublime Visions. Architecture in the Alps
Gert Wingårdh. Eight Projects from Lijevalchs to Nationalmuseum
Koloman Moser. Universal Artist between Gustav Klimt and Josef Hoffmann
El Croquis #198. Johnston Marklee 2005-2019
Arquitectura Viva #212. Álvaro Siza. De Oporto a Oriente
AV Proyectos #91. Dossier Office
En Blanco #25. Grupo Aranea
Dry Stone Walls. Basics, Construction, Significance
Teaching / Practice. Jonathan Sergison
Baku. Oil and Urbanism
Irénée Scalbert. A Real Living Contact with the Things Themselves
Dust Free Friends. 6a Architects
Your Guide to Downtown. Denise Scott Brown
Kashef Chowdhury. A Glass Labyrinth in Venice
Tiergarten, Landscape of Transgression (This Obscure Object of Desire)
Arquitectura Viva #211. Barclay & Crousse. Hormigones Remotos
AV #211-212. BIG. 2013-2019
Bauhaus Journal 1926–1931. Facsimile Edition
Architectural Guide. New York
Royal Gardens of Spain
The Basilica of the Sagrada Familia
A Chronicle of Architecture. Años Alejandrinos. Tiempo de Incertidumbre. 2000-2006
El Croquis #197. Bruther 2012-2018
AV Proyectos #90. Dossier José María Sánchez
Arquitectura Viva #210. China Material. Siete Experiencias Locales
AV #209-210. David Chipperfield Architects. 2009-2019
TC Cuadernos #138-139. Eduardo Souto de Moura. Tomo II. Equipamientos y Proyectos Urbanos 2004-2019
Louis Kahn and Venezia
Carlo Scarpa's Drawings for the Ottolenghi House
Gio Ponti. Archi-Designer
The Process of Making. Five Parameters to Shape Buildings
Sigfried Giedion. Liberated Dwelling
Marrocos 1967. A. Alves Costa e Álvaro Siza
Bolivia 2016. Guilherme Wisnik
Lições de Arquitectura 01. Paulo Tormenta Pinto
A Casa da Doutora Farnsworth
Giedion and America. Repositioning the History of Modern Architecture
How to Begin? Architecture and Construction in Annette Spiro’s First-Year Course, ETH Zurich
Anthologie #40. Kim Strebel
De Aedibus #77. Lin Robbe Seiler
De Aedibus #76. Meier Leder
De Aedibus #75. Butikofer de Oliveira Vernay
De Aedibus International #16. Schenker Salvi Weber. Wien
Cul Zuffel e l'Aura Dado. Gion A. Caminada. 2nd Extended Edition
Coral Gables & Rome. The Drawings of Thomas A. Spain
Studio 804. Expanding the Pedagogy of Architectural Education
Transformations in Classical Architecture. New Directions in Research and Practice
American Residential Architecture. Photographs of the Evolution of Indiana Houses
Architecture for The Arts. The de Santos & Sicardi Galleries
Figueras Polo Stables. Estudio Ramos. Masterpiece Series
Construction and Design Manual. Prefabricated Housing
Construction and Design Manual. Accessibility and Wayfinding
Construction and Design Manual. Architectural Diagrams 2
Hybrid Tbilisi. Reflections on Architecture in Georgia
Architectural Guide. Rome. Buildings and Projects after 1945
Moholy's Edit. The Avant-Garde at Sea, August 1933
Elemental. Alejandro Aravena
Peter Behrens. 1968 / 2018
Archigram. The Book
Zipped. El Espacio en Pequeñas Casas Japonesas
Pioneros de la Arquitectura Moderna # 5. El Proyecto del Habitar
Arquitectura, Ciudad y Fotografía. Architectural Research Tribune. Art # 01
AV Proyectos #89. Herzog & de Meuron
Arquitectura Viva #209. Bajo Tierra. Paisajes Excavados
Arquitectura Viva #208. Sedes Singulares. Piano en París, Foster en Londres, H&deM en Milán
AV #208. Souto de Moura. 2012-2018
Collective Architectures. Santiago Cirugeda - Recetas Urbanas
The City in the Image. David T. Ferrando
In Light of Hilberseimer. The Genesis and Legacy of the New City
Politics and Digital Fabrication. An Ongoing Debate
The Architecture of Closed Worlds. Or, What is the Power of Shit?
Social Design. Participation and Empowerment
Staging Urban Landscapes. The Activation and Curation of Flexible Public Spaces
Elsa Prochazka. Architectureality
Spaces in Architecture. Areas, Distances, Dimensions
Herzog & de Meuron. 1978-1996. Vol. 1-3
AV Proyectos #88. Dossier Vázquez Consuegra
Francis Keré. Primary Elements
El Croquis #196 [I]+[II]. Karamuk Kuo 2009-2018. Ted'a Arquitectes 2010-2018
Oíza. Francisco Javier Sáenz de Oíza (1918-2000)
Vida y Obra de Le Corbusier. Jean-Louis Cohen
Steven Holl. Cuestiones de Percepción. Fenomenología de la Arquitectura
Alvaro Siza Vieira. Piscinas en el Mar. En Conversación con Kenneth Frampton
TC Cuadernos #136-137. Dominique Perrault Arquitectura 2008-2018
Arquitectura Viva #207. Más Ciudad. Futuros Urbanos, Futuros Humanos
Max Bill. No Beginning, No End
Konrad Wachsmann. And the Grapevine Structure
Schinkel. A Meander Through his Life and Work
Architecture and Model Building. Concepts, Methods, Materials

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