Landmark Buildings. A Review of Three Decades of Architecture
Renzo Piano Building Workshop
De Aedibus #74. Elisabeth & Martin Boesch
De Aedibus #73. Spaceshop Architekten
De Aedibus #72. Kast Kaeppeli
De Aedibus #71. Philippe Meyer
De Aedibus #70. Bartbuchhofer
De Aedibus International #15. Henley Halebrown - London
Promontorio. Architecture of Leisure
Alfaro Siza. Encountered Ideas
Living with Nature. Architecture, Topography, Landscape
Hospitals. A Design Manual
Unbuilding Walls. From Death Strip to Freespace
Smart Building Design. Conception, Planning, Realization, and Operation
Post Otto Wagner. From the Postal Savings Bank to Post-Modernism
Gion A. Caminada. On the Path to Building
Building Views
Berlim. Reconstrução Crítica
Seven Circles
Open Source. Architecture as an Open Culture
Portugal, 2014-2017. Mirko Zardini
Arcosanti, 2012. Pedro Bandeira
Koolhaas. Tangram
AV #207. Batlle i Roig. Building with Nature
Arquitectura Viva #206. Hogares Animales. Diez Experiencias, de Tschumi a Snøhetta
9x9 A Method of Design. From City to House Continued
Prompt. Socially Engaging Objects and Environments
Hans Scharoun. Buildings and Projects
Defining Criteria
Peter Zumthor Talks About his Work: A Biographical Collage
Peter Zumthor. Mari Lending. A Feeling of History
En Blanco #24. Stanton Williams. Arquitectura 2010-2018
TC Prospectiva #1. Adamo Faiden. El Constructor Contemporaneo. Arquitectura 2007-2018
Arquitectura Viva #205. América Importa. Trayectos Transatlánticos
AV Proyectos #87. Dossier E2A
El Croquis #195. Carmody Groarke 2009_2018
Essências. Juhani Pallasmaa
Harry Seidler. The Exhibition
Environmental Modernism. The Architecture of Strang
Fluvial Metropolis. Past Visions/ Future Imaginaries
Sanghai Ten Folio
Call to Order. Sustaining Simplicity in Architecture
Rockhouse. Strang Architecture
House Equanimity. Joseph N. Biondo
Cutler Anderson Architects. The Houses
Vision & Strategy. Strategic Thinking for Creative and Social Entrepreneurs
Made in Norway. New Norwegian Architecture



Manual of Multi-Storey Timber Construction
Arquitectura Viva #206. LAN. 2007-2018
El Croquis. Aires Mateus. 2002-2018
Japanese Creativity. Contemplations on Japanese Architecture
Designing Territorial Metabolism. Barcelona, Brussels and Venice
AIRE. The River and its Double
Artec Architekten. Bettina Götz + Richard Manahl
Arquitectura Expuesta. Exposiciones, Interludios y Ensayos
Neighbourhood. Where Alvaro Meets Aldo
Marcel Breuer. Building Global Institutions
Critica de Choque. Fredy Massad
El Croquis #194. Brandlhuber+. 1996_2018
AV Proyectos #86. Dossier MVRDV
Arquitectura Viva #204. Cultura en el Golfo. Nouvel en Abu Dabi, Koolhaas en Qatar
TC Cuadernos #134-135. Francisco Mangado. Arquitectura 2007-2018
Cutting Matta-Clark. The Anarchitecture Investigation
Made of Concrete. Behind the Facade: The Details
Building Physics of the Envelope. Principles of Construction
New Towns. An Investigation on Urbanism
The Gardens of la Gara
Vladimír Dedeček. The Work of a Post War Slovak Architect
Ride a Bike! Reclaim the City
David Chipperfield Architects. Architecture and Construction Details
Arquitectura Viva #205. Jørn Utzon. 1918-2008
Arquitectura Viva #203-204. España 2018. Spain Yearbook
Lessons of Informality. Architecture and Urban Planning for Emerging Territories- Concepts from Etiopia
Spaces of Uncertainty. Berlin Revisited
The Chameleon Effect. Architecture's Role in Film
Herzog & de Meuron. Elbphilharmonie Hamburg
BAL 2017. Bienal de Arquitectura Latinoamericana
Guía de Arquitectura de Porto. 1942-2017
Guía de Arquitectura. Eduardo Souto de Moura
GTA Papers 1. Architecture/Machine
Sampling Kyoto Gardens
Play the City. Games Informing the Urban Development
A E I O U. Articles, Essays, Interviews and Out-takes by Tony Fretton
Raulino Silva. Collection 1+1
TC Cuadernos #133. Correia / Ragazzi. Arquitectura 2005-2018
Arquitectura Viva #203. Silicon Valley. Tech Labs: Apple, Facebook, Google
AV Proyectos #85. Dossier Lacaton & Vassal
Isay Weinfeld. An Architect from Brazil
Porous City. From Metaphor to Urban Agenda
Building Biology. Criteria and Architectural Design
Atelier OÏ. How Life Unfolds
Limits. Housing & City
Arquitectura Viva #202. Vivienda Rehabilitada. Hacia una Europa Sostenible
El Croquis #193. Manuel Cervantes. 2011_2018
Timber Structures in Vorarlberg. Architecture, Craft, Environment
Facade Construction Manual
Neri & Hu. Design and Research Office
Noarq. José Carlos Nunes de Oliveira

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