CaboSanRoque Book /// The pataphysical cobla 2015 – 2001

CaboSanRoque. The Pataphysical Cobla


The Pataphysical Cobla 2015–2001

CaboSanRoque is a musical/artistic collective brought to life by industrial engineer Laia Torrents and architect Roger Aixut. La cobla patafísica 2015-2001 is the first monograph to be published from their work. Inspired by pataphysics, CaboSanRoque’s work was developed around the construction of musical instruments and the exploration of their capacity for expression, in a process of continual research into the genesis of sounds through mechanics and automatisms.
Edited by Moisés Puente, and with text by Víctor Nubla, Pablo Martín Sánchez and an interview helmed by Pierre Bastien, the book features an exhaustive inventory of all the sounds produced by CaboSanRoque, photographed by Inga Knölke in a purpose-built studio. La cobla patafísica 2015-2001 includes, inside the front cover, two large posters featuring the last 15 years’ of the collective’s work in its entirety.

Publisher:FABULATORIO / ARS SANTA MONICA. 2015. Sewn (Plastic cover with pockets). 16,5×23,5 cm. Pages:176. Languages:English/Spanish. Color Illustrated. RRP: €25,00. ISBN: 978-84-940115-4-2  Video (book trailer)